Because of the high volatility and complexity of current markets it is of crucial importance to stay up-to-date at all times. Knowing what the production plan looks like is important, but  it will not do you much good, if you do not know what the current state of affairs is. You know what was planned for production, but what are they working on right now? Are you ahead of schedule? Is production falling behind? Is that critical customer order on track? Do you need to take action if things are not going as planned? What you need is real-time availability of the production plan progress but none of the old systems can provide it.

Old ways of accessing your production plan are more trouble than they are worth

Currently your production plan is probably a completely static document.  It only contains products that are going to be produced at a certain time, from a specific resource, in a particular amount, etc. If you want to know what the status quo is, you probably need to dive into your ERP-system to try to get an idea of the progress of production. If you don’t have access to an ERP-system you need to call someone, like production, the warehouse, or your “supply chain help-desk”, the production planning department.

Time wasted on collecting information, not adding any value. Furthermore, all actions need to be pro-active to figure out what the status quo is, but in practice you probably get a call from a customer asking why a product has not been delivered  on time. This backward process does not give you the opportunity to actively manage your supply chain process to make it perform as you want it to.

Real-time availability and OccaSee Production Planning Visibility

OccaSee’s production planning visibility goal is to provide you, and all of your colleagues, with all the information you need, concerning production planning. That means the current production plan (or schedule) and the progress that is made by your production departments. Most importantly, it is all in real-time. By linking OccaSee to your ERP- or MES-system we can give you the most recent production progress of the current plan. No more ad-hoc phone calls and time wasted on finding information, just sign in to OccaSee, and you have this information all in one viewport, in one blink of an eye. You can do this either on your desktop via web-browser or on your mobile phone (iOS or Android application).

If you don’t have ERP- or MES-systems in place, OccaSee allows you to manually add bookings, so OccaSee displays the progress you are making, once your bookings are done!

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