Being up-to-date with the current production planning is essential. Everybody needs to be always working according to the same and most recent plan. Everyone striving towards one goal is crucial for an efficient and effective supply chain. This is a fundamental principle that is valid for all producing companies.

The question is, how can You make sure that everybody in your company always has access to the most recent production planning?

How accessible is your current production planning?

Accessibility of your production plan means you need to tackle a lot of obstacles. You might have to bridge physical distance, for instance make your production schedule available in a production location abroad.  Furthermore the actual plan needs to be accessible 24/7, while your planning department might not be. When you succeed in getting your plan where it is needed, you also need to make sure that the right plan (i.e. most  recent version) is in use, and old editions of your plan have been removed. This critical process needs to be executed one or several times per day and is consequently time consuming and prone to error.

And yet all of this needs to be done as efficiently as possible. Surely distributing and collecting the production plan is not the priority in planning? How much time in your company is spent on searching for the most recent plan, and distributing it to all concerned? And then there are the ad hoc information requests on the status of the planning. Time consuming and not adding value to your supply chain. Any idea how many hours are spent on circulating information?

Supply chain planning accessibility enabled by OccaSee

OccaSee production planning visibility is the tool to achieve full accessibility of your production plan. First step is to create ‘users’ with varying authorisations ranging from ‘viewer’ (with only a right to view the production plan) to ‘site administrator’ (able to fully interact with the plan and communicate with other stakeholders). All of these options are highly customisable to your needs. After that your colleagues only need to sign in (either via web browser or mobile phone) and the most actual plan can be consulted. That’s it. No more working according to an old plan, no more calling and emailing your planning department. Just sign in to OccaSee and work precisely and effectively!

The only thing that your planning department needs to do is publish the production plan.  Everybody instantly has access to this plan. With one click you inform your complete supply chain. This system is highly effective and efficient, saving time that can be spend on things that matter.

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