The world surrounding your supply chain is changing faster and faster. Forecast predictability decreases, the market gets more volatile, product variations explode, and customer demands evolve constantly. Preparing your supply chain for maximum responsiveness is key to survival, while having access to the most recent production plan at any time enables you to make the right decisions when needed. Having a responsive supply chain keeps your organisation ahead of the game.

How does your supply chain respond to change?

As an example let’s have a look at a very common case. A quality issue arises with a batch that is currently being produced. What usually happens?

The quality inspector has done some sampling and decides that the batch needs to be placed in quarantine, so he calls production planning department, informing them that the batch is blocked. Next follows a call to the warehouse where the batch is administratively and physically set aside. Alongside that you need to make sure that the quality manager and production manager are quickly informed. Meanwhile planning is assessing what needs to be done, and informs sales and the production manager (who already knew, who would have thought!). Phones start ringing, emails fly and time is wasted. You can be sure that, while someone might have gotten the news twice, not everybody who needed to know has been informed.

And this is just one small disruption.  Several machines could break down simultaneously, inventories can run out while customer demand rises, labelling changes can be implemented, and so on and so forth…

As a result your attempts to always be on top of things regarding production planning issues culminate in exploding email inbox folders, a mobile phone chronically stuck to your ear, a planning department where fire-fighting is mistaken for actual planning, and your supply chain team with steam constantly blowing out of their ears. That is not what responsiveness means, that is a dead-end street.

OccaSee brings real Supply Chain Responsiveness to your comany

OccaSee Production Planning Visibility turns your very production plan (or production schedule) into the central communication platform for your organisation. Instead of email, phone calls or casual comments, just one remark attached to your current plan will replace all of the above. Furthermore it is instantly available to all concerned parties, and dramatically cuts down on unnecessary and circular communication.

With OccaSee the aforementioned quality inspector signs in to the program and attaches a remark to the production batch, which needs to be placed in quarantine. This remark, according to your business rules (highly customisable in OccaSee) states that product placement in quarantine is critical. Consequently, it triggers a notification demanding immediate attention of other players. Everyone, who needs to know, is instantly informed. This sets your organisation in motion to perform the necessary actions to deal with this incident as effectively as possible.

OccaSees is the way to a Responsive Supply Chain Planning.

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