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Production Planning Visibility is a part of Supply Chain Visibility, or insight in your value network by software of all means. Production Planning Visibility focuses on your production plan (or production schedule), the part of the supply chain executed by your organisation. This  makes your current plan available to everyone involved in your supply chain.

Production planning visibility is all about getting your actual plan out there. It is about making the latest plan available to all the stakeholders at any given time. It is about discovering and communicating the issues with the supply chain before they can cause any serious harm. Altogether, it is about effective business.


Getting your production plan to everyone concerned

Currently there are many ways to communicate your production plan (or production schedule) to your supply chain organization. Both  to those involved daily, and all others requiring information on a more ad hoc basis. Some of these are:

  • Sending Excel or PDF files by email to fixed distribution lists, or per request to individual colleagues
  • ad hoc telling a colleague when something is planned
  • Enabling your organization to print from a central excel file
  • distributing a printed version of the production plan
  • Making sense of the production plan in your ERP-system


Some shortcomings of the old methods of production planning distribution

  • E-mails fill up your inbox, are not read or read too late,  or they might contain outdated distribution list. It is generally accepted that e-mail is a horrible time-consumer in your organization
  • Miscommunication on planning issues: you tell a colleague a product is being produced tomorrow, things change, but you forget to inform your colleague. Sounds familiar?
  • Your production planning department acting as a supply chain helpdesk. Really??
  • Outdated printed versions of your production plan lie around, and are being used. Causing unwanted products being produced, disrupting your supply chain, potentially causing serious financial loss
  • ERP-systems often require you to pay-per-user. So not everyone has access, causing a parallel universe of communication on your production planning. The truth is out there!

OccaSee Production Planning Visibility is several steps ahead

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